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Australia’s Professionals Praise Brave Danny

This great book exposes the impact it has on a child and how some significant information can change a child’s perception about what is normal and what is not. It is a book that is not only of great value for educators, parents and children but those in the helping profession such as counsellors and social workers who are working with children in domestic violence situations. (Read full review)

Bette Blance

President, William Glasser institute-New Zealand

This book is powerful in its simplicity targeting an age group who are invisible. The teaching notes and activities add depth to the story giving teachers and children the opportunity to fully engage with the concepts that underpin the story. This will be an outstanding teaching tool that fills an enormous gap in children’s literature. (Read full review)

Dr Deborah Walsh

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work,, University of Queensland

I can’t speak highly enough of this timely book for young children. Little ones who are afraid to speak up – and who probably don’t know where to turn. Young readers will get the message that it’s okay to ask for help, and that sometimes, even the smallest person in the household can be the catalyst for change. The downloadable worksheets and suggested activities reinforce the message in the book and allow children to ask questions and explore options in a supportive environment. (Read full review)

Marg McAlister

Ex Teacher and Children’s Author

Interview with Queensland Writers Centre.

Robin was interview by one of Australia’s most recognised organisations, the Queensland Writers Centre. You can read the full article here >>

Did you know Robin also conducts mentoring sessions at QWC?

Queensland Writers Centre

Eddie, Excellent Chef

Eddie can’t play with the other emus as he always trips and falls over. So Eddie decides to something he’s always wanted to do.
Written by Robin Adolphs and beautifully illustrated by Heather Dale. Click here!

epilepsy qld

Lucy’s First Disco

Proudly supported and endorsed by Epilepsy Queensland.

A touching story about a young girl’s first seizure and how her friends support her when she returns to school.
Written by Robin Adolphs and beautifully illustrated by Aaron Pocock. Click here!

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